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We are a civil association with more than 24 years of experience, focused on comprehensively serving children with disabilities, special educational needs or developmental delay.

Social Impact


The community involved in child development (child care staff, teachers and health sector staff) has been linked to the work of the association.

Success stories


Our work strengthens parents' confidence in their children's potential, empowering them to cope with situations that arise in their daily lives.

Our Goals

We have permanently met the care needs of children with disabilities, with developmental risk factor and special educational needs since the opening of the Uninfantil Care Center A New Dawn in 1997.


Promote a condition of well-being for boys and girls through a process of professional attention in the programs offered by the CAI Un Nuevo Amanecer aimed at consolidating the development and quality of life of children (SDG 10).


Permanently promote in community spaces the dissemination of care services for girls and boys at risk.


Strengthen the operation of the 3 service areas in CAI Un Nuevo Amanecer in its 7 intervention programs, guaranteeing the implementation of good practices.


Implement adequate monitoring and supervision systems, with clear and reliable indicators to evaluate and systematize the results of the interventions that allow the continuous improvement of care services.


Ensure the financial resources necessary for the operation of care services; develop and promote co-investment projects for the benefit of the development of girls and boys.


Guarantee accessibility, physical and health security in the spaces of CAI Un Nuevo Amanecer; develop interventions with sufficient and appropriate materials and equipment.

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18 Feb 2020
9:30 AM — 11:00 AM Bahías de Huatulco

Success Story: Meredith Nahomi


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